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What is Bachata?

Bachata, which literally means “party”, is a sexy, social dance from the Dominican Republic which has taken Central Ohio by storm. The basics of bachata are simple to learn, making it a fun dance for beginners. It is a slower pace than salsa or merengue with the basic step of a side to side pattern similar to many American line dances. Bachata music hit the Top 40 charts in recent years with songs like Senorita and Havanah by Camila Cabello. Anyone looking to enjoy a night of salsa dancing will certainly want to learn some bachata as well!

Why Learn Bachata?

  • Bachata is popular choice for beginners because it is easy to learn.
  • If you go to a Salsa club, Bachata is a must know dance because 30-40% of the music will be Bachata.
  • You will love the music! We teach using a mix of traditional Bachata tunes and modern hits.

Cha Cha

What is Cha Cha?

Cha Cha is a flirtatious, energetic Latin Dance that is widely recognizable by its catchy rhythm and playful hip action. It gets its name from the distinctive syncopated triple step (cha-cha-cha) danced between 2 rock steps. It's easy to learn and fun to dance. Cha Cha can be danced to almost any music with a good beat. Its popularity can be heard in the music of Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Carlos Santana, Charlie Puth and many others. Cha Cha is very much a dance of today!

Why Learn Cha Cha?

  • Cha Cha is one of the most popular Latin dances.
  • This iconic dance will raise both your heart-rate and your spirits!
  • Cha Cha can be done to almost any fast tempo music from country to hip-hop and everything in between. We teach using a mix of traditional Cha Cha tunes and modern hits.

East Coast Swing

What is East Coast Swing?

East Coast Swing is a popular dance that’s beginner friendly with lots of bounce and energy. East Coast Swing is a circular, rotating swing dance that has many wraps and turns. You can east coast swing to a wide range of music genres, including Top 40 (Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Pitbull), contemporary jazz (Michael Buble’), rock-n-roll (Bob Seger), and country (Luke Bryan). The universal music styles make it a popular dance for new dancers. It is seen everywhere from to ballrooms to live band concerts.

Why Learn East Coast Swing?

  • East Coast Swing is a versatile dance suitable for both the ballroom and the bar room.
  • With a wide range of music to choose from you can East Coast Swing to almost anything. We teach using a mix of modern hits and traditional big band tunes.
  • East Coast Swing will get your heart pumping and your toes tapping.


What is Hustle

Hustle is the partner version of disco dancing. Hustle is a fast paced, show stopper on the dance floor characterized by its many turns and compress and release motions. Hustle takes its cues from Latin dancing, but its heart lies in the club beats found in the 1970’s New York discotheques. It is often associated with 70’s music or the iconic moves of John Travolta. However, the Hustle of today is danced to Top 40 music like Lizzo, Jason Derulo and most of the Barbie movie soundtrack. Hustle continues to be one of the most popular nightclub dances today.

Why Learn Hustle?

  • Hustle is the perfect dance for beginners due to its versatility of music and its resurgence in pop culture.
  • Hustle is sure to be a hit at any bar, wedding reception or gala.
  • You will love the music! We teach using mostly today’s music with a little 70’s thrown in the mix.

Rueda de Casino

What is Rueda de Casino

Rueda de Casino, sometimes referred to as Cuban Salsa, is like American square dancing but in a circle not a square. It is a style of Salsa where several couples dance choreographically around a circle, with the dance moves being called by one person, a caller. The caller will call out different Cuban salsa patterns that might involve switching partners, clapping, yelling, stomping, or just about any movement your creative mind can think of. Everyone in the circle is doing the same moves at the same time making this a fantastically fun group activity!

Why Learn Rueda de Casino?

  • It is a popular form of salsa dancing in Ohio and a favorite of the Talkin’ Body dance team.
  • Rueda de Casino will make your salsa dancing better!
  • Everyone is doing the same move at the same time so we are all in this together!


What is Rumba

Rumba, is not just a mere dance with steps and accompanying music; it is storytelling. Known as the dance of love, Rumba is a dance that tells a tale of passion between two people. Its movements show the flirtation, the teasing and connection between two people. It can be danced to popular music with artists such as Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth and Bruno Mars. Simple and versatile for the beginner, with hip action and arm styling, it is one of the most popular dances we teach. It is a low impact dance so it can be done by people of all physical abilities and skill levels.

Why Learn Rumba?

  • Rumba is low impact and slower than other dances so it’s perfect for beginners.
  • Rumba is one of the most popular dances that we teach for people with physical limitations.
  • Rumba is danced to all your favorite love songs making it perfect for date night.


What is Salsa

Salsa is a popular social dance that is done all over the world and has a big community in Central Ohio. Today’s Salsa dancing is a rich blend of Latin-American and Western influences characterized by its fast pace, hip action, and hesitation on the 4 and 8 beats. Anyone counting “123, 567” is doing Salsa (On 1). While typically done to classic Salsa music, it can be danced to more contemporary artists such as Pitbull, Camila Cabello, Katy Perry and Doja Cat. Salsa lovers say that it creates new opportunities for a social life with its immense popularity all over the world.

Why Learn Salsa?

  • Salsa is popular choice for beginners because clubs all over Ohio cater to both beginner and serious salsa dancers.
  • The Salsero Community continues to grow everyday making it the most sought-after dance.
  • Many salsa artists are adding a salsa beat to popular American music making the music diverse.


What is Waltz

The Waltz is arguably the most recognizable and quintessential of all the ballroom dances. With its signature 3/4 timing, graceful and elegant progression, and music box-like hold, no other dance better conjures images of romance and poise better than Waltz (think, Cinderella!). Waltz is a smooth dance characterized by long, flowing movements, continuous turns, and rise & fall. Waltz dancers glide around the floor almost effortlessly. As functional as it is lovely, waltz is the perfect dance to improve balance, strength, and softness in your movement. No partner necessary. Everyone is welcome!

Why Learn Waltz?

  • Waltz is popular choice for people a wedding couple’s first dance because it is romantic and showy.
  • Waltz can be done to many styles of music from Journey to Tim McGraw and everything in between.