Corprate Events and Team Building

Corporate Events

Are you looking for something fun and different to do at you next corporate function?

Have you run out of Team Building ideas?

Talkin’ Body offers Corporate Events that are customized for your company’s needs.

Dance is one of the oldest human activities and seems to have been around as long as people. Different types of dancing have been part of celebrations, ceremonies, and rituals in almost every recorded civilization. Today, one of the most incredible things about dance is its capacity to bring people together in diverse and powerful ways. In our age of Social Media, Zoom meetings, and FaceTime, dance provides a unique opportunity to connect in real time and real space, face-to-face and heart-to-heart. A dance workshop is a fun way to bond any group!

What to Expect

Your team likely won’t be ready to go on tour with a big pop star by the end of your corporate event, but your employees will walk away with a sense of achievement, feeling of belonging, and stronger bonds with peers. Our corporate events do not require any dance experience or physical ability. The size and duration of the event is up to you. We offer many varieties of events from a small team building exercise to enterprise-wide entertainment. No matter what type of event, you can certainly expect to have FUN!

Benefits of Corporate Events

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